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  • Cafe Creme Cigarillos
  • Cafe Creme Cigarillos
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 100 cigarettes
    • minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
    • $87.60
    • $70.08
    • per carton

Cafe Creme cigarettes

When we speak of a good vehicle, we have Cadillac in mind. When a good watch is discussed, Rolex is kept in mind… So when we speak of good cigarillos, there is no doubt about Café Crème, which are manufactured by Henri Wintermans, the company that is known all over the world. The company has been manufacturing their goods since 1934.

cafe creme cigarillos

Café Crème is the most sellable cigarillo brand in the world, which is achieve thanks to uniquely selected composition of the tobacco blends used. This is not just a cigarillo that is smoked and forgotten about. Instead, it is a riot of taste and color. Even those around the smoker will have hard time remaining indifferent to the unforgettable flavor.

Thanks to the highest quality and affordable prices, Café Crème cigarillos are being preferred not only by the cigarette devotees, but even those keen on cigars are switching to this brand. If you really want to experience satisfaction from smoking, then Café Crème cigarillos are exactly what you are looking for. They are a healthy and balanced combination of high quality and style, whether we speak of the taste dimension or the packaging. Speaking of which, its high-price appearance cannot be passed by – each cigarillo individually is carefully wrapped, and the whole set is protected by a trendy metallic box.

cafe creme all products

Let us now take a tour of the main representatives of the Café Crème products:

Cafe Creme : Filler : Java, Columbia, the Dominican republic. Covering : Java

Mild and very pleasant taste. Ideal in combination with a cup of coffee.

Cafe Creme Arome : Filler : Eastern Asia, Africa, Brazil. Covering : light leaf from Ecuador.

Flavored cigarillos with aromatic and pleasant taste.

Cafe Creme Blue : Filler : Java, Brazil, Columbia, the Dominican Republic. Covering : light leaf from Ecuador.

Gentle and light version of Café Crème for any time.

Cafe Creme Noir. Filler: Java, Brazil, the Dominican Republic. Covering: dark leaf from Brazil.

Strong and saturated taste.

Cafe Creme Filter Aroma – cigarillos with filter. Filler : Eastern Asia, Africa, Brazil. Covering : light leaf from Ecuador.

Cigarillos with filter and a holder.

Cafe Creme Filer Tip – cigarillos with filter and a holder. Filler : Java, Columbia, the Dominican Republic. Covering : Java

Cafe Creme – traditions… culture… brand name.